High Performance Dedicated Servers
-- Hosted in the USA with 1 Gbps Uplink

At Dedicated CPU, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best high performance dedicated servers. All our dedicated servers are hosted in the USA at 24/7 staffed datacenters with a 1 Gbps uplink. That's right, unlike some of our competitors, we won't provide you with a top of a line box and then severely limit its connection.

In fact, not only do we use the most and most reliable hardware to build your high performance dedicated server from the ground up, we only use tried and tested components that stand the test of time. But if a hardware failure ever occurs, you can count on our team to replace your hardware with an equal or newer and better replacement at no charge.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines high performance as "better, faster, or more efficient than others" and that's exactly what we provide you. Not to mention, at a price lower than sll major competitors.

Moreoever, we don't charge a setup fee and there are no contracts. Our dedicated hosting comes with 16 GB or 24 GB RAM but you can add-on and the sky is the limit! If you want to add a stronger CPU, RAM, more HDD or SSD, we're simply an email away.

We're currently offering the following top performance servers:


  • Intel i7-4790K CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 TB HDD
  • 20 TB Transfer
  • 5 IPs


  • Intel 2x E5645 CPU
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 2 TB HDD or 240 GB SSD
  • 20 TB Transfer
  • 5 IPs

Please take a look at more reliable dedicated servers on our homepage for the most up to update information.

All unmanaged dedicated servers include

24/7 Client Support, Free Reboots, Free Setup and Free OS Reloads.

Click above to select your server and we will have your server ready in 24-48 hours -- usually less!

All dedicated servers are fully customizable so if you have a specific requirement, contact us and we'll send you a quote.